Author: Adnan R Amin

Rohingya girl at Kutupalong camp (photo: Adnan R Amin)

The International Community seems to be unable, if not unwilling, to adequately respond to the recent escalation in Rohingya persecution. Long before this crackdown, apartheid conditions prevailed for the Muslim minority. Life as a Rohingya was characterized by denial of citizenship, disqualification from government and civil service jobs, incarceration, forced …


In 1988, Ershad’s predictably dictator-esque declaration of a state religion led to the formation of the Committee to Resist Despotism and Communalism (hereinafter CRDC). The CRDC filed a petition against the declaration, but to no avail. After a watershed verdict overturned the amendment legitimizing HM Ershad’s military rule, and declared …